Yesterday I went to an informative meeting about the condition of the Great Lakes. The meeting was hosted by the International Joint Commission. One of the most startling things I learned about was the study conducted by the Global Health Initiative of the Henry Ford Health System on the effects of the water shut-offs in Detroit. They looked at approx. 37k cases at the Henry Ford Hospital between 2015-2016. The study reported that a person who lived on a block with water shut-offs was 1.5 times more likely to contract a particular illness due to lack of water. If a person had a similar illness, they were 1.5 times more likely to live on a block with water shut-offs. The infections they focused on were soft tissue and skin infections as well as gastrointestinal infections. They weren't specific about those infections. Why hasn't the Detroit's health department made this public knowledge? With just this data, why would the Great Lakes Water Authority continue to shut people's water off? Why isn't the Detroit Water & Sewage Department allowing access to their data? This is not what transparency looks like. This is not what protecting Detroit citizens look like. Change must happen now!