"We need to dream big dreams, propose grandiose means if we are to recapture the excitement, the vibrancy, and pride we once had." --Coleman A. Young

Detroit and her beautiful citizens have given me so much, it is time I give back. It is here in Detroit I learned about who I am, what I’m capable of, the true meaning of community. Detroit has expanded my knowledge of self. I became an artist because of my return to Detroit. Detroit has challenged me to be my best self.

When I decided to run for mayor, I didn’t consider the money I needed to raise or the team I needed to build, instead I thought about the events I frequent, the children I’ve taught, the dance parties I’ve enjoyed, the artist studios I’ve visited, the boutiques I’ve splurged at, the cafe’s I’m obsessed with full of warm smiles and delish food, and the houses that welcome me with their quiet comfort no matter the neighborhood. It is because of Detroit I am. Because I have intimately experienced the beauty and strength of Detroit, I want to put that knowledge to the best use.

I’ve been doing tons of research and have met with many leaders in our community to discuss how to build a fair and equitable city that is vibrant and thriving and serving all of her people. It is our creativity in every part of this city that will make it so. It is our long history of innovation in every industry that helps us take center on the global stage. But when 67% of our youth are living in poverty, how are we going to move into the future we dream of? This is a collective effort, so it is imperative that we think of each other as family. Imagine what co-creation looks like when the city is sustainably equitable? Let’s put our talents and skills together, the brilliance that Detroit is known for, and develop new systems that not only eradicate poverty but also give birth to even more innovations for the good of the entire city and the world, now and into the future. We can make this happen. The future we’ve always dreamed of starts now.