The LaFleur for Mayor campaign recently launched our campaign song written and produced by Detroit's own Bryce Detroit featuring Coko Buttafli on the vocals. 

"DETROIT, USA: JULY 22, 2017

Detroit Recordings Company is proud to release a new record commemorating a pivotal moment, in the history of the United States, and future of Detroit, Michigan.

"Right In."- written and produced by BRYCE DETROIT, featuring 21st new funk sensation Coko Buttafli, is inspired by the break-out Detroit mayoral campaign of international curator and thought-leading Afrofuturist, Ingrid LAFLEUR.

Collectively, we stand "right in" the middle of the most important culture shift, in Detroit's 300+ year history.  For many Detroiters, this shift is from rigid non-responsive political convention to radical imagination of new civic possibilities. For many Detroiters, this shift is from marginalization and social deference to economic inclusivity and cultural self-determination. For all Detroiters, this is the shift from old to #newculture.

We stand in a new era of politics, society, and culture ...and now we have the soundtrack."

Right In can be purchased on Apple iTunes here.