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Ingrid LaFleur for Mayor of Detroit


Ingrid LaFleur for Mayor of Detroit


Detroit is the Future

Now, more than ever, we have a chance to lead the way forward by re-imagining the way government works so that it protects its citizens, creates educational and economic systems that serve all communities, and lays the groundwork for the future of Detroit by investing in our youth. It’s time to work together to ensure that every Detroiter is provided for, that no one feels they should turn to crime to survive, or leave the city because there aren’t enough jobs. Detroit as a vibrant 21st century city for all is our destiny.

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Afrofutrism is a Practical Tool for Real Change

Afrofutrism is a Practical Tool for Real Change



People-first values will inform every activity of government and shape the culture of our city.

1. Government for the People

Re-centering government focus on improving the lives of its citizens

– Human-centered rather than bottom-line governance
– Ensure every citizen is properly served and protected
– Heal the systems that create poverty
– Increase transparency to empower our citizenry
– Engage architecture, art, and design to inspire civic engagement

2. Family Support

The family is the building block of any prosperous city. How to ensure Detroit’s families receive the support and partnership of their city?

– End Water Shut-offs by implementing the Affordability Plan
– Make mental health services a priority; Create neighborhood health services
– Expand express bus routes in neighborhoods
– Implement school gardens, and increase overall access to fresh food
– Raise minimum wage
– Stringently regulate clean air and water initiatives
– 100% literacy achieved through student and youth literacy brigades
– Create healthy re-entry programs for returning citizens via skills training, employment placement, and mental health services
– Support activity centers and homeschooling options as public schools close
– Protect immigration rights
– Implement restorative justice practices such as meditation instead of other forms of punishment in schools

3. Detroiters Building Detroit

Using the talents and skills of Detroiters to manifest the future we desire

– Increase training in design and technology
– Require companies and investors to hire Detroit citizens by revising and strengthening the Community Benefit Agreements
– Increase citizen hire in high-level city government
– Increase entrepreneurial education programs for youth
– Create a Cultural Affairs Department
– Beautify our neighborhoods through the arts
– Invest in skill training in green energy jobs and the marijuana industry
– Reopen the city airport
– Create a neighborhood policy and youth council

4. Own the Future

Keeping all of Detroit at the forefront of technology and innovation

– Internet access for all; Create community wireless networks
– Commit to a revitalized technological infrastructure
– Become a global leader in innovation by fostering imaginative collaboration
– Invest in and grow the creative sector
– Invest in emerging industries