I am actively working to ensure that the cannabis industry is equitable and a benefit for Detroiters. That is why I am in full support of the proposed ordinance written by the advocacy group Sons of Hemp that addresses this disparity head on. Some of the most significant parts of the ordinance are:

1. 50% of permits for Medical Marijuana facilities must be given to Detroit residents.

2. Those with prior marijuana convictions will not be barred from equity ownership

3. A Community Benefits Program where revenue must go to beautifying the city, after-school programs, community centers, and other programs that contribute to the prosperity of our city and our youth.

In order to make this a reality we need your help! The ordinance must get on the ballot for the November vote. To make that happen we have to obtain 6,000 signatures by June 15th. Starting Monday, June 5th, petitions for the ordinance will be available at the campaign office, 16909 Livernois Ave, Detroit. The office will be open from 1-4 pm everyday next week. Please come and pick-up some petitions and learn more about the ordinance. A pdf of the ordinance is also available on my website, lafleurformayor.com.

On June 7th we will be having our final Cannabis Conversation at the campaign office at 7 pm. We will focus on strategies the city must take to prepare for this booming industry. 

This is our moment to fully control how the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry benefits Detroit. Please spread the word and participate.

A copy of the ordinance.