The continuing tax foreclosures have completely destabilized our city. As a result of occupied homes being foreclosed, we have witnessed an increase in blight and most importantly the total dismantling of our neighborhoods. This moment in Detroit's history is unprecedented. Do you know how the tax foreclosure system works? What can we do to keep people in their homes and increase homeownership for Detroit residents? How do we stop predatory investing in our homes? What is city government doing to exacerbate the problem? What can city government do to resolve the issues? These questions and many others will be addressed in the next co-creation session with Jerry Paffendorf, co-founder of Loveland Technologies. He will be one of our discussion leaders for the evening. We believe in the expertise of our community so please come and join the conversation.

Co-creation Session: Tax Foreclosures
LaFleur for Mayor Campaign Office
16909 Livernois Ave
Detroit, MI
7 pm