That we occupy illegally acquired Anishinaabe lands,
That Detroit is majority Black,
The cultural and scientific legacy that gave birth to many innovations still positively affecting the world,
The decisions made today impact the next seven generations,

I am committed to protecting the humanity of Detroit.

As Mayor I Promise to:

1. Protect and safeguard Detroit citizens and our city.
2. Put Detroit citizens before politics and corporate interests.
3. Investigate, research and implement sustainable alternatives before denying Detroit citizens utilities and resources.
4. Empower Detroit citizens with skills to create their own livelihoods and not be completely dependent on a corporate system.
5. Dismantle all white supremacist systems because humanity was never served by those systems.
6. Make accessible mental health services.
7. Make accessible arts and sciences for youth and adults.
8. Ensure Detroit is a Sanctuary city and will work with Highland Park and Hamtramck for the same goal.
9. Value and trust Detroiters--their skills, talents and insight--to help strengthen the economic, social, cultural, and environmental state of Detroit.
10. Create equitable relationships with grassroots Detroit communities city. 
11. Ensure every citizen has access to clean water, air and fresh food.
12. Decolonize Detroit.

The Campaign

During the campaign, I will bring visibility to authentic narratives about Detroit, Detroiters, and possible futures.

I am committed to having a human-centered platform that deeply serves the diverse communities of Detroit with a sensitivity to their needs and desires.

– Campaign will hire Detroiters.
– Establish a goal to spend 85% of the total campaign budget towards locally sourced goods, from suppliers whose ownership structures match the demographic of the city.

I am committed to focus on the issues and challenges facing Detroit citizens. May their voices be heard.